Commit 2600f11f authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-0002755D): Use "⿳𫲽xy" instead of "⿱⿳宀心xy".

parent cf93bab6
...@@ -5468,7 +5468,7 @@ U-00027559 𧕙 ⿱畣䖵 ...@@ -5468,7 +5468,7 @@ U-00027559 𧕙 ⿱畣䖵
U-0002755A 𧕚 ⿰虫齋 U-0002755A 𧕚 ⿰虫齋
U-0002755B 𧕛 ⿱&CDP-8DAE;䖵 U-0002755B 𧕛 ⿱&CDP-8DAE;䖵
U-0002755C 𧕜 ⿱⿰元元日䖵 U-0002755C 𧕜 ⿱⿰元元日䖵
U-0002755D 𧕝 ⿱⿳宀心⺫䖵 U-0002755D 𧕝 ⿳𫲽⺫䖵
U-0002755E 𧕞 ⿱魏虫 U-0002755E 𧕞 ⿱魏虫
U-0002755F 𧕟 ⿰虫雙 U-0002755F 𧕟 ⿰虫雙
U-00027560 𧕠 ⿱⿳丿⺫乑䖵 U-00027560 𧕠 ⿱⿳丿⺫乑䖵
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