Commit 29fb64b6 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U+347E): Use "䚻" instead of "⿱&CDP-88F0;言".

(U+3A31): Likewise.
parent 5ffd57ea
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ U+347A 㑺 ⿰亻隽
U+347B 㑻 ⿰亻密
U+347C 㑼 ⿰亻略
U+347D 㑽 ⿰亻堂
U+347E 㑾 ⿰亻⿱&CDP-88F0;言
U+347E 㑾 ⿰亻
U+347F 㑿 ⿰亻巢
U+3480 㒀 ⿰亻啇
U+3481 㒁 ⿰亻圉
......@@ -1584,7 +1584,7 @@ U+3A2D 㨭 ⿰扌扈
U+3A2E 㨮 ⿰扌兜
U+3A2F 㨯 ⿰扌郭
U+3A30 㨰 ⿰扌衮
U+3A31 㨱 ⿰扌⿱&CDP-88F0;言
U+3A31 㨱 ⿰扌
U+3A32 㨲 ⿰扌⿱艹宋
U+3A33 㨳 ⿰扌寄
U+3A34 㨴 ⿰扌乾
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