Commit 4a6a2c8e authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-00027851): Use "𠧢" instead of "⿱⺊㫐".

parent 643a3468
......@@ -4594,7 +4594,7 @@ U-000271EF 𧇯 ⿺虎季
U-000271F0 𧇰 ⿺虎忽
U-000271F1 𧇱 ⿱虎咸
U-000271F2 𧇲 ⿰光⿸虍丘
U-000271F3 𧇳 ⿰⿳&AJ1-13834;冖元⻁
U-000271F3 𧇳 ⿰⿳𭕄冖元⻁
U-000271F4 𧇴 ⿸虍⿱回示
U-000271F5 𧇵 ⿰⿳𠆢𠄠口⿸虍手
U-000271F6 𧇶 ⿺虎春
......@@ -6224,7 +6224,7 @@ U-0002784D 𧡍 ⿰東見
U-0002784E 𧡎 ⿰兒見
U-0002784F 𧡏 ⿱叕見
U-00027850 𧡐 ⿰知見
U-00027851 𧡑 ⿰⿱⺊㫐
U-00027851 𧡑 ⿰𠧢
U-00027852 𧡒 ⿺見𠂢
U-00027853 𧡓 ⿰受見
U-00027854 𧡔 ⿰⿱龷冄見
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