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2018-02-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-UCS-Ext-B-5.txt: Use "𭗼" instead of "⿱巛山".
* IDS-UCS-Ext-B-4.txt (U-000266C1): Use "𭗼" instead of "⿱巛山".
(U-0002714B): Fixed.
(U-00027183): Use U+26760 instead of CU+26760.
(U-00027CC0): Use "𭗼" instead of "⿱巛山".
2018-02-07 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-UCS-Ext-B-2.txt (U-0002320E): Fixed; use "𦊋".
2018-02-04 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-Daikanwa-09.txt (M-32650): Add IDS.
2018-02-02 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-UCS-Ext-A.txt (U+347E): Use "䚻" instead of "⿱&CDP-88F0;言".
(U+3A31): Likewise.
2018-01-18 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-UCS-Ext-B-2.txt: Use GT-K05805 instead of "⿴囗𠂭".
......@@ -1049,7 +1071,7 @@
2017-06-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-UCS-Ext-B-1.txt: Use "爫" instead of <CJK RADICAL PAW ONE>.
(U-000202BB): Use "𤓽" instead of "⿱爫⿱&CDP-8BA2;朩".
(U-000202BB): Use "𤓽" instead of "⿱爫⿱朩".
(U-00020461): Use "𪺏" instead of "⿱爫豕".
(U-00021193): Fixed.
(U-00021223): Use "𡬳" instead of "⿳爫⺫寸".
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