Commit bac1b087 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U+2CFEC): Completed.

(U+2DACD): Completed.
(U+2E296): Completed.
parent e10be4dd
......@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@ U+2CFE8 𬿨 ⿰亻歮
U+2CFE9 𬿩 ⿰⿰亻丨⿱攵貝
U+2CFEA 𬿪 ⿰亻奥
U+2CFEB 𬿫 ⿰亻&MJ025979;
U+2CFEC 𬿬 ⿲亻⑤⿱龴疋
U+2CFEC 𬿬 ⿲亻&CDP-8C7A;&CDP-8CCE;
U+2CFED 𬿭 ⿲亻韋亍
U+2CFEE 𬿮 ⿰&AJ1-21123;攵
U+2CFEF 𬿯 ⿰亻&AJ1-01522;
......@@ -1330,7 +1330,7 @@ U+2D3DF 𭏟 ⿰土虗
U+2D3E0 𭏠 ⿰土堂
U+2D3E1 𭏡 ⿰土崖
U+2D3E2 𭏢 ⿱得土
U+2D3E3 𭏣 ⿰土⿸𠂆&U-0002719E;
U+2D3E3 𭏣 ⿰土⿸𠂆𧆞
U+2D3E4 𭏤 ⿰土&MJ025946;
U+2D3E5 𭏥 ⿰土祭
U+2D3E6 𭏦 ⿰土盖
......@@ -2121,7 +2121,7 @@ U+2D6F6 𭛶 ⿰彳叕
U+2D6F7 𭛷 ⿰彳&AJ1-18129;
U+2D6F8 𭛸 ⿰彳&MJ009491;
U+2D6F9 𭛹 ⿲彳丨⿱攵木
U+2D6FA 𭛺 ⿰彳&U-0002719E;
U+2D6FA 𭛺 ⿰彳𧆞
U+2D6FB 𭛻 ⿰彳秋
U+2D6FC 𭛼 ⿰彳首
U+2D6FD 𭛽 ⿰彳&AJ1-01273;
......@@ -3098,9 +3098,9 @@ U+2DAC7 𭫇 ⿰杀作
U+2DAC8 𭫈 ⿻未𠈌
U+2DAC9 𭫉 ⿰木⿱㐫夂
U+2DACA 𭫊 ⿰木哀
U+2DACB 𭫋 ⿱&C6-2E51;
U+2DACB 𭫋 ⿱𠅔
U+2DACC 𭫌 ⿰桑上
U+2DACD 𭫍 ⿰木⿰
U+2DACD 𭫍 ⿰木⿰&CDP-8C7A;
U+2DACE 𭫎 ⿰木廻
U+2DACF 𭫏 ⿰木枽
U+2DAD0 𭫐 ⿰木⿱&AJ1-04311;&MJ007308;
......@@ -3324,7 +3324,7 @@ U+2DBA9 𭮩 ⿰百&MJ014908;
U+2DBAA 𭮪 ⿰吉&MJ014908;
U+2DBAB 𭮫 ⿰𠂤&MJ014908;
U+2DBAC 𭮬 ⿰&AJ1-03734;&MJ014908; ⿰每&MJ014908;[X]
U+2DBAD 𭮭 ⿰𡰥𪠲 ⿰𪠲[X]
U+2DBAD 𭮭 ⿰𡰥𪠲 ⿰&CDP-8C7A;𪠲[X]
U+2DBAE 𭮮 ⿰𦣻&MJ014908;
U+2DBAF 𭮯 ⿰甹&MJ014908;
U+2DBB0 𭮰 ⿰⿱士𠔼𪠲
......@@ -5093,7 +5093,7 @@ U+2E292 𮊒 ⿱&JX2-746A;⿰䏍⿻厶⿰丿丿
U+2E293 𮊓 ⿱冈能
U+2E294 𮊔 ⿱冈惟
U+2E295 𮊕 ⿳&JX2-746A;&AJ1-01227;𣄼
U+2E296 𮊖 ⿳网⿰又火
U+2E296 𮊖 ⿳网⿰&CDP-8C7A;又火
U+2E297 𮊗 ⿱𦉪&MJ010769;
U+2E298 𮊘 ⿱网尉
U+2E299 𮊙 ⿱&JX2-746A;&MJ020683;
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