Commit cd965060 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(M-02835): Add IDS.

parent 92802eb6
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ M-01838 &M-01838;
M-01839 &M-01839;
M-01840 &M-01840;
M-01841 &I-M-01841; ⿰矞出
M-01842 &M-01842;
M-01842 𢇕
M-01843 &I-M-01843; ⿱⿳丿&CDP-8DDD;冖⿱⿰夕&CDP-88D5;⿶凵口
M-01844 &M-01844;
M-01845 &I-M-01845;
......@@ -594,7 +594,7 @@ M-02041 &I-M-02041; ⿰事⺉
M-02042 &I-M-02042; ⿰岡⺉
M-02043 &MJ000196;
M-02044 &I-M-02044; ⿰&AJ1-01148;⺉
M-02045 &M-02045; ⿰⿱⺊㫐⺉
M-02045 𠜷 ⿰⿱⺊㫐⺉
M-02046 &I-M-02046; ⿰亝⺉
M-02047 &I-M-02047; ⿰⿱目大⺉
M-02048 &I-M-02048; ⿰&JX1-7463;⺉
......@@ -633,7 +633,7 @@ M-02078 &M-02078; ⿰&AJ1-18211;⺉
M-02079 &I-M-02079; ⿰臿⺉
M-02080 &M-02080;
M-02081 &I-M-02081; ⿰&MJ021701;⺉
M-02082 &M-02082;
M-02082 &MJ031364;
M-02083 &I-M-02083; ⿰&M-09308;⺉
M-02084 &I-M-02084; ⿰&MJ012121;⺉
M-02085 &I-M-02085; ⿺是⺉
......@@ -650,7 +650,7 @@ M-02095 &I-M-02095; ⿰咢⺉
M-02096 &I-M-02096; ⿰&MJ009490;⺉
M-02097 &I-M-02097; ⿰畐⺉
M-02098 &M-02098;
M-02099 &I-M-02099; ⿳⿰&GT-K00266;&GT-K00266;一⿰刀刀
M-02099 &I-M-02099; ⿳⿰&G0-6566;&G0-6566;一⿰刀刀
M-02100 &I-M-02100; ⿰彳刹
M-02101 &M-02101;
M-02102 &I-M-02102; ⿳刀夗曰
......@@ -798,7 +798,7 @@ M-02242 &M-02242;
M-02243 &I-M-02243; ⿰僉刃
M-02244 &I-M-02244; ⿰⿱&CDP-8AFC;⿳⿰口口一灬⺉
M-02245 &I-M-02245; ⿰僉&AJ1-04250;
M-02246 &M-02246;
M-02246 &MJ031463;
M-02247 &I-M-02247; ⿰⿱巛&CDP-8850;⺉
M-02248 &I-M-02248;
M-02249 &I-M-02249; ⿰鼻⺉
......@@ -881,7 +881,7 @@ M-02325 &M-02325;
M-02326 &I-M-02326; ⿰厉力
M-02327 𠡍 ⿰圣力
M-02328 &I-M-02328; ⿳⺾冖力
M-02329 &I-M-02329; ⿱⿱&AJ1-13834;冖力
M-02329 &I-M-02329; ⿱⿱𭕄冖力
M-02330 &I-M-02330; ⿱&AJ1-17299;力
M-02331 &I-M-02331; ⿰后力
M-02332 &I-M-02332; ⿰羊力
......@@ -968,7 +968,7 @@ M-02410 &I-M-02410; ⿱𤇾力
M-02411 &I-M-02411; ⿱𦥑功
M-02412 &M-02412;
M-02413 &M-02413;
M-02414 &M-02414;
M-02414 𠢏
M-02415 &I-M-02415; ⿱旧男
M-02415' 勤 ⿰&GT-K06725;力
M-02416 &I-M-02416; ⿱&C1-5C7B;力
......@@ -1065,7 +1065,7 @@ M-02506 &I-M-02506; ⿻勹巳
M-02506' 包 ⿻勹己
M-02507 &I-M-02507; ⿹勹干
M-02508 &I-M-02508; ⿹勹幺
M-02509 &I-M-02509; ⿹勹止
M-02509 &M-02509; ⿹勹止
M-02510 &M-02510;
M-02511 &I-M-02511; ⿻勹&CDP-89D5;
M-02512 &I-M-02512; ⿹勹凶
......@@ -1104,7 +1104,7 @@ M-02544 &I-M-02544; ⿰夸包
M-02545 &I-M-02545; ⿹勹畐
M-02546 &M-02546;
M-02547 &I-M-02547; ⿹勹⿱⺊⿴囗&CDP-89CC;
M-02548 &M-02548;
M-02548 &C6-3D53;
M-02549 &I-M-02549; ⿹勹躬
M-02550 &I-M-02550; ⿹勹盍
M-02551 &M-02551; ⿹勹尃
......@@ -1115,13 +1115,13 @@ M-02555 &M-02555;
M-02556 &I-M-02556;
M-02557 &M-02557;
M-02558 &I-M-02558; ⿹勹⿰&CDP-8C5B;女
M-02559 &M-02559;
M-02559 &C4-4247;
M-02560 &M-02560;
M-02561 &M-02561;
M-02562 &M-02562;
M-02563 &I-M-02563; ⿹勹&JX2-7955;
M-02564 &I-M-02564; ⿹勹蓋
M-02565 &M-02565;
M-02565 &C7-2C51;
M-02566 &I-M-02566; ⿹勹⿳⿲人人人⿲人人人⿲丨丨丨
M-02567 &I-M-02567; ⿰㡭勺
M-02568 &M-02568;
......@@ -1308,7 +1308,7 @@ M-02748 &I-M-02748; ⿱此千
M-02749 &I-M-02749; ⿱丷&CDP-8BD9;
M-02750 &I-M-02750; ⿱十&CDP-8BDC;
M-02751 &MJ057096;
M-02752 &I-M-02752; ⿱&AJ1-13834;&CDP-8BD9;
M-02752 &I-M-02752; ⿱𭕄&CDP-8BD9;
M-02753 &M-02753;
M-02754 &M-02754;
M-02755 &M-02755;
......@@ -1382,17 +1382,17 @@ M-02821 &M-02821;
M-02822 &I-M-02822; ⿱⿱⺊日⿲⿱丿丿丨⿱丿丿
M-02823 &I-M-02823; ⿱⺊⿵冂⿱又&CDP-88A3;
M-02824 &I-M-02824;
M-02825 &M-02825;
M-02825 &MJ031806;
M-02826 &I-M-02826; ⿱⿶凵⿱⺊目巛
M-02827 &I-M-02827; ⿱⿱⺊𠔿⿵冂&CDP-8B67;
M-02828 &I-M-02828; ⿰⿱⺊勿⿱⺊勿
M-02829 &I-M-02829; ⿺𠃊⿱⿱⺊日⿴囗夂
M-02829 &M-02829; ⿺𠃊⿱⿱⺊日⿴囗夂
M-02830 &M-02830;
M-02831 &I-M-02831; ⿱⿱⺊⿵&CDP-8BC0;⿱又⿰又又木
M-02832 &M-02832;
M-02833 &M-02833;
M-02833 &MJ031815;
M-02834 &I-M-02834; ⿱𠧪⿰𠧪𠧪
M-02835 &M-02835;
M-02835 &MJ031817; ⿱⿵&GT-K00876;⿱夂水⿰票票
M-02836 &I-M-02836;
M-02837 &I-M-02837;
M-02838 &I-M-02838; ⿴卩丶
......@@ -1438,7 +1438,7 @@ M-02877 &C6-3D59;
M-02878 &I-M-02878;
M-02879 &I-M-02879;
M-02880 &I-M-02880;
M-02881 &M-02881; ⿱釆⿵大㔾
M-02881 𠨟 ⿱釆⿵大㔾
M-02882 &M-02882;
M-02883 &I-M-02883; ⿰桼卩
M-02884 &M-02884;
......@@ -1492,7 +1492,7 @@ M-02931 &M-02931;
M-02932 𠩊
M-02933 &I-M-02933; ⿸厂至
M-02934 &M-02934;
M-02935 &M-02935;
M-02935 &MJ031868;
M-02936 &I-M-02936; ⿸厂合
M-02937 &I-M-02937; ⿸厂⿰丨⿱土又
M-02938 &I-M-02938; ⿸厂⿱乍一
......@@ -1606,7 +1606,7 @@ M-03045 &I-M-03045;
M-03046 &I-M-03046; ⿸厤&MJ007456;
M-03047 &M-03047;
M-03048 &M-03048; ⿸厂⿰幸艮
M-03048' &AJ1-01899; ⿸⿱&AJ1-13834;厂&AJ1-01526;
M-03048' &AJ1-01899; ⿸⿱𭕄厂&AJ1-01526;
M-03049 &M-03049;
M-03050 &M-03050;
M-03051 &I-M-03051; ⿸厭甲
......@@ -1733,9 +1733,9 @@ M-03170 &I-M-03170; ⿰去𠬝
M-03171 &M-03171; ⿱又孝
M-03172 &M-03172;
M-03173 &I-M-03173;
M-03174 &I-M-03174; ⿰&CDP-8CE4;⿱&GT-K00266;又
M-03174 &I-M-03174; ⿰&CDP-8CE4;⿱&G0-6566;又
M-03175 &M-03175; ⿰叕㔾
M-03176 &I-M-03176; ⿱&CDP-8CCD;又
M-03176 &I-M-03176; ⿱&C6-2D73;又
M-03177 &M-03177; ⿱叒&CDP-87AD;
M-03178 &M-03178;
M-03179 &I-M-03179; ⿱⿰又又⿰口口
......@@ -1744,7 +1744,7 @@ M-03181 &M-03181; ⿰⿱一𠦏⿱𠂉又
M-03182 &M-03182;
M-03183 &M-03183;
M-03184 &I-M-03184; ⿱&C4-244D;井
M-03185 &M-03185;
M-03185 𠭙
M-03186 &M-03186;
M-03187 &M-03187;
M-03188 &I-M-03188; ⿱⿴&CDP-8CC8;&CDP-89D5;𠬞
......@@ -2384,7 +2384,7 @@ M-03816 &I-M-03816; ⿰口卒
M-03817 &I-M-03817; ⿰口录
M-03818 &I-M-03818; ⿰口疌
M-03819 &I-M-03819; ⿰口屈
M-03820 &I-M-03820; ⿱&CDP-8CB6;口
M-03820 &I-M-03820; ⿱&GT-16595;口
M-03821 &I-M-03821; ⿰&AJ1-21253;攵
M-03822 &I-M-03822; ⿱⿰戶戈口
M-03823 &I-M-03823; ⿰口匋
......@@ -2590,7 +2590,7 @@ M-04021 &I-M-04021; ⿰口&GT-35121;
M-04022 喳 ⿰口査
M-04023 喴 ⿰口威
M-04024 &I-M-04024; ⿰口&GT-40205;
M-04025 &I-M-04025; ⿱⿱&AJ1-13834;冖呂
M-04025 &I-M-04025; ⿱⿱𭕄冖呂
M-04026 &M-04026;
M-04027 &M-04027; ⿰口&MJ015361;
M-04028 &I-M-04028; ⿰口唇
......@@ -3209,7 +3209,7 @@ M-04638 &M-04638;
M-04639 &M-04639;
M-04640 &M-04640;
M-04641 &M-04641;
M-04641' &M-p04641;
M-04641' &MJ032779;
M-04642 &I-M-04642; ⿰口&AJ1-04449;
M-04643 &I-M-04643; ⿰&CDP-8BD3;喜
M-04644 &I-M-04644; ⿰喜堇
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