Commit f7a2426a authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U+3C83): Use "𠧢" instead of "⿱⺊㫐".

parent 670d3ac6
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ U+351D 㔝 ⿰兩力
U+351E 㔞 ⿰乖力
U+351F 㔟 ⿱⿰生丸力
U+3520 㔠 ⿰曷力
U+3521 㔡 ⿰&C6-386A;
U+3521 㔡 ⿰𣬉
U+3522 㔢 ⿱絶力
U+3523 㔣 ⿰畾力
U+3524 㔤 ⿰審力
......@@ -2178,7 +2178,7 @@ U+3C7F 㱿 ⿰⿱士𠔼殳
U+3C80 㲀 ⿰辰殳
U+3C81 㲁 ⿰空殳
U+3C82 㲂 ⿰尚殳
U+3C83 㲃 ⿰⿱⺊㫐
U+3C83 㲃 ⿰𠧢
U+3C84 㲄 ⿰⿳士冖王殳
U+3C85 㲅 ⿰害殳
U+3C86 㲆 ⿱殸令
......@@ -3804,7 +3804,7 @@ U+42D9 䋙 ⿰糸耳
U+42DA 䋚 ⿰糸羽
U+42DB 䋛 ⿰糸米
U+42DC 䋜 ⿱⿰户又糸
U+42DD 䋝 ⿰糸⿱&AJ1-13834;
U+42DD 䋝 ⿰糸⿱𭕄
U+42DE 䋞 ⿰糸网
U+42DF 䋟 ⿰糸忌
U+42E0 䋠 ⿰糸甫
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