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(About the source material): Renamed from "About HNG cards No.03 (H01)

P2179 誠実論巻八".
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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ correspond to the representative glyph-images and metadata contained
in: [誠實論卷八(P.2179)/](誠實論卷八(P.2179)/).
## About HNG cards No.03 (H01) P2179 誠実論巻八
## About the source material
フランス国立図書館蔵,1巻,北魏延昌3年(514)書写,首欠,巻子装,白麻紙(簀目1寸14本),無点,無界,縦26.0cm(行高19.2cm,17字)横36.5cm(22行)×18紙(但し,第3紙34.0cm 20行,第4紙・第6紙21行,第5紙30.8cm 18行,第18紙34.8cm)
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